How Should You Prepare for a Sleep Test?

November 16, 2023

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A man undergoing a sleep test

While sleep apnea is a severe issue, you may not know if you have it. The condition can often go undetected and “fly under the radar.” Still, you can find out for sure by getting a sleep test. Should you take that option, though, you’ll need to prep for it. Luckily, your Dallas sleep dentist is here with a few helpful pointers. Read on to learn four crucial ways to prepare for a sleep test.

Discuss Medications Beforehand

Prior to the test, discuss your current medications with your sleep dentist. They can advise whether you should keep taking the drugs. At the same time, they’ll let you know how the medicines could affect test results.

In some cases, a sleep dentist may prescribe medication before the test. These drugs may treat insomnia, anxiety, or related conditions. That way, patients can sleep soundly and smoothly in unfamiliar places. (If you think you’d benefit from such medication, consult the dentist running your sleep test.)

Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

Like many, you may enjoy coffee and the occasional beer. However, try to avoid such drinks before the sleep test. They’d get in the way of accurate results.

You see, caffeine and alcohol interfere with sleep tests. Too much of the former – from coffee, soda, tea, etc. – can cause insomnia and disrupt sleep. Meanwhile, alcoholic beer and wine alter normal sleep patterns. That being the case, don’t consume either in the afternoon or evening of the sleep test day.

Skip Naps

When you suffer from daytime sleepiness, it’s very tempting to take a nap. This brief snooze could really boost your energy! Even so, you shouldn’t take one on the day of a sleep test.

The problem is that a nap shifts your circadian rhythm. By taking one, you’d likely find it harder to sleep for the test. The only exception is if your sleep test actively involves napping. In that case, follow any instructions provided by the doctor or sleep lab.

Pack an Overnight Bag

There’s a good chance your sleep test will occur at a lab. If so, pack an overnight bag that has your bedtime routine items. Focus on including the following:

  • Comfy sleep clothes
  • Oral care items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss
  • A book or other reading material
  • Makeup remover (if applicable)
  • A change of clothes for the morning
  • Any medicines your doctor says you should take during the study

With the steps above, you can easily prepare for a sleep test. So, use them and learn what you can from the assessment!

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